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I felt that this was a place I could be myself and that was a big attraction

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Lois! I'm 32 years old and I live in North West London. What to say, I'm always the first and last one on the dancefloor at a party, my favourite season of the year is Summer and, controversially I don't like condiments.

Why did you choose to train for ordination at St Mellitus College?

What initially piqued my interest in training at SMC was the fact that I had quite a few friends who had gone there who spoke really highly of it. I was also very keen to continue living in London and remain in the community I was in during this period of my life. I decided to go to an open day and I was struck by how warm everyone I encountered was. I think what drew me to study here was the Generous Orthodoxy ethos of the college and knowing that I would be in a place where there was diversity in terms of different church traditions. When I came here, I felt that in terms of the worship that I encountered.

What tips or advice do you have for a prospective student?

Come with an open mind, prepare to be challenged, prepare to have your thinking flexed. But also come prepared to encounter people who are different from you. All of that helps you to make the most of this learning journey. Come open, come hungry and you will learn.

What difference has the college made in your life and in your relationship with God.

For me personally the biggest difference has been an expansive understanding of who God is. It’s easy to be quite insular and coming here I have been blown away because I am just confronted with the reality that God is so much bigger than the ideas and constraints that I have placed upon him. It has been a privilege to be in an environment where different traditions are celebrated, and you are given the opportunity to learn from those traditions. It has given me the chance to experience God in unexpected moments and has increased my love and curiosity towards God.

How would you describe the culture at St Mellitus College?

The culture here is supportive training centred around worship and fun.

What do you love about the St Mellitus College?

It has such a good mix of people. That was one of the first things that struck me. People from all kinds of different backgrounds and across the college from different church traditions. It’s been cool to see that there is no one type of person who ends up being a priest. We’re all called to this, we’re all different and I love that about the college.

What have you enjoyed the most about studying at St Mellitus College?

My formation group has been a massive highlight. I am so grateful to whoever put me in that group. I have LOVED journeying with such a wonderful group of people.

In three words describe your time at St Mellitus College?

Fun, Challenging and Unexpected

About Lois

Lois is an Ordinand on the Undergraduate BA (Hons) programme, studying at St Mellitus College, London (Monday)

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