Beginning Theology

For anyone who would love to deepen their faith

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The Beginning Theology programme is offered exclusively by St Mellitus College.

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Beginning Theology is an introductory programme for anyone who would love to study theology. The course is in partnership with HTB Church and it's the perfect place to start if you’ve not studied theology before. We cover all the basic principles so that you leave the programme with a good understanding of theology and equipped to speak into your context.

Please click the links in the drop downs for more information about modules and term dates In-Person and Online. Please note that the content for Beginning Theology in person and Beginning Theology online differs, and the sessions are not interchangeable.

Please find Beginning Theology Terms and Conditions here.

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Beginning Theology In-Person

  • The course runs from 28 September – 30 November.

    Topics covered:

    The Whole World in 60 Minutes, How to Unpack the Bible, A Tour of the Torah, Songs for the Soul, Pondering the Prophets, Biographies of Jesus, Letter to the Church, The Final Word

  • The course runs from 18 January – 14 March.

    Topics covered:

    A Blueprint for Theological Conversations, God: One, God: Alive, God: Moving. 2,000 years in 60 Minutes. Influencers: Augustine, Influencers: Luther, Influencers: Bonhoeffer

  • The course runs from 25 April – 27 June.

    Topics covered:

    Will God Listen? Can I go deeper? Is this real? Where am I headed? Does God care? Who's in Charge? What should I do? What's trending

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Beginning Theology Online

  • The course runs from 26 September – 28 November.

    Topics covered:

    Stepping into your journey, Stepping into calling, Stepping in freedom, Stepping into silence, God's Story: Challenges of the journey, God's Story: Being Sent Out, God's Story: Playing your part

  • The course runs from 16 January – 12 March.

    Topics covered:

    Coming Alive: Scripture, Coming Alive: Leviticus, Coming Alive: Judges and Kings, Coming Alive: Exile and Return, Coming Alive: Matthew, Coming Alive: Mark, Coming Alive: Luke, Coming Alive: John

  • The course runs from 23rd April – 25th June.

    Topics covered:

    Faith Seeking Understanding, Trinity, Christology, Creation, Missiology, Ecclesiology, Problems of Suffering, Reflections

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