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Theology, Ministry and Mission - Youth or Children’s Ministry Focus

Study Theology, Ministry & Mission with a youth or children’s ministry focus to deepen your theological foundations, develop youth or children’s work skills and grow your heart for future generations.

Key Information

Full-time Diploma: 2 years
Full-time BA (Hons): 3 years
Entry requirements:
3 A Levels (Grade C/4 or above)
Durham University

The Theology, Ministry and Mission - Youth or Children’s Ministry Focus programme is validated by Durham University.

What is validation?
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St Mellitus College has a proven track record in training Christian youth workers through programmes with deep theology and rich reflection on practice, resulting in graduates working with young people in churches, charities, schools, local authorities and other settings.

We now offer a youth and children’s ministry focus within our full-time Theology, Ministry and Mission programmes at either 2-year diploma and 3-year BA (hons) degree validated by Durham University.

In partnership with the Church of England’s 30k project we offer a number of funded places to study the 2-year diploma for students in Church of England churches. More details on this Future Generations funding can be found here.

  • This youth and children’s ministry focussed options are designed for those who are interested in exploring a wide range of issues in Christian youth or children’s work and ministry, alongside deep of theological study with a view to working with young people or children in some capacity on completion of the programme. In each year of study you will undertake core theology modules that are shared with all undergraduate students alongside specific youth or children’s ministry modules exploring issues in work with young people and children across a variety of contexts as well as topics such as theology of human development, youth and children’s work skills and practice and reflections on social diversity and younger generations.

    Because of the nature and assessment requirements of the specific youth or children’s ministry focussed modules it is expected that alongside your academic study you will be engaged regularly in a local context working with young people or children. This could be either as a volunteer or employed position but will operate as a placement for the duration of your studies.

    Please note that these study routes are only available for independent students, full-time at our London Monday Centre.

  • Because of the specific focus of the youth or children’s ministry route it is necessary that students on this route are regularly involved in a context working with young people or children. St Mellitus College works collaboratively with students and local contexts to identify suitable opportunities to enhance student learning, develop practitioner skills and offer a wide range of opportunities for students to reflect on the interplay of their academic studies and regular ministry and mission among young people or children.

    There is space for flexibility and variety in how this works and what it looks like, with conversations beginning at application stage to ensure the right opportunities are in place. A few examples might be:

    • Employed as a local church youth or children’ worker.
    • Employed as a Christian working with young people or children in a school, charitable or other context.
    • On placement at and supported by a local church or similar context as a student youth or children’s worker.
    • A volunteer youth or children’s leader who is involved weekly in face-to-face work in a church, school, charitable or similar context.

    Many students will study while continuing their work with children or young people in the context in which they are already based. Some however may require support in finding a context in which to be based while training. In these situations, St Mellitus College will seek to match students with suitable, vetted and checked placements from our database of providers.

    The practicalities of staying in a current context or needing support to find a placement context will look a little differently though with a number of shared parameters as follows:

    • Students will be able to attend all term-time Monday teaching days and required Teaching Weeks, whilst also ensuring the equivalent of at least one day per week for private study and a clear day off.
    • That they are involved in weekly work with children or young people, aiming for these hours:
      • Volunteer youth leaders: Approximately 6 hours (i.e. two sessions) per week.
      • Employed or financially supported in a local context: At least 12 hours per week but no more than 28 hours.
    • A supervisor will be identified in the local context. This will likely be a line manager for those who are employed, for volunteers this might be a senior youth or children’s leader, church leader or someone else with oversight of the work being carried out.

    For more information and a Placement Handbook please contact our Lead Tutor, Dr Mark Scanlan on

  • To explore either the Youth or Children’s Ministry Focus within the Undergraduate Theology, Ministry and Mission programme, please book onto an independent undergraduate open day at our London Monday centre.

    For information about our youth ministry focussed study, placement guidance or for a Placement Handbook contact our Youth Ministry Tutor, Dr Mark Scanlan (

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