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Jake’s Preparation

My faith has been allowed to flourish, my knowledge tested, and my formation nourished

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jake and I think I am a relatively normal guy. I am married to the wonderful Sarah and have a little girl called Lillia who is about to turn two - she keeps me on my toes! I enjoy sports, particularly cricket and football both playing and watching. I love being out in the garden, having a beer with my friends and if the weather is good having a BBQ!

How would you describe the culture at St Mellitus College?

Being at St Mellitus is wonderfully surreal - certainly in Christian circles. So many different traditions, preferences, people and cultures all coming together with love and respect for one another. I know from previous experience that not everywhere is like this but the culture is one of love, acceptance and learning. The people, the community, there is just such a sense of joy in this place. Whether it’s in the classroom debating some pretty intense things, or over lunch just having a chat, the whole thing from start to finish has just been full of so much fun and love and laughter. That community spirit, that togetherness whilst learning is absolutely a highlight for me.

What difference has your training at St Mellitus College had on your life and faith?

College has made a huge difference in all aspects of my life, certainly in the way that I approach God, the variety of worship, but in particular the level of study I have done has impacted the way that I carry out my faith. It has challenged so many things about how I live, how I want to do church work, how passionate I have now become about the Church. I think the biggest thing would be just an overall, well-rounded benefit to every aspect of my walk with God.

What will be your main take-away from your time here?

Ultimately a respect for so many different parts of the Anglican world, and on top of that a love for anyone and everyone. Trying to meet everyone where they are at. There are people at St Mellitus from so many different backgrounds, they’ve experienced so many different things, and they have so much to offer. I’m walking away knowing that God is doing an amazing thing through all of us and that through hope in Jesus Christ, St Mellitus College is preparing people to do an incredible work for the Church of England.

What impact do you think St Mellitus will have on your life in the future?

A huge impact. I wouldn’t in my opinion have gone for ordination in the Church of England without the support and teaching and love that St Mellitus has shown. I’ll always be able to look back and think St Mellitus has prepared me for this, they have given me the platform to work from, the foundations to step up to.

How have you been supported throughout your time here?

St Mellitus offers loads of support, there are always several chaplains on hand that are willing to talk and pray. I have never known an educational body where the faculty are so approachable, where they are so responsive, and if I need anything I know that I can turn to any staff member and get that help.

In three words describe your time at St Mellitus College

Really ruddy brilliant!

About Jake

Jake Hyatt was ordained in 2022 having trained at St Mellitus College, East Midlands, studying for the postgraduate MA degree.

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