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Geoff's Training

Increasingly I'm able to take a bigger role in the church and I love it.

Why St Mellitus College?

The first thing that attracted me was the academic challenge, the Dean in his welcoming address said, read wisely, think deeply, and read essays. Yet with that, there's a lot of support along the way, I love the community here. The staff and students all together, whether that is in the meal that we share, or worshipping together. It's amazing having the whole cathedral full with staff and students side by side worshipping together.

What has been a highlight of your studies?

I received the training at St Mellitus College, to enable me to then go out and serve, and be useful in my church. I have a tremendous feeling of being of use and having a purpose to what I'm doing now. I found myself developing in my relationship with Jesus Christ, growing in faith myself.

The group of fellow students was another highlight, getting to know those alongside you. We've talked about keeping in touch once we have finished training, a support network of people I can go out into my ministry with.

How has your training impacted your ministry now?

It's certainly impacted on my role within my own local church. Increasingly I'm able to take a bigger role in the church and I love it. From doing very little, I've started taking on Bible studies and prayer meetings, to leading various initiatives.

It's a great practical course as well, putting the theology into practice. The preaching and teaching, the evangelism and pastoral care means you are getting stuck in soon after you get started. It prepares you for work in your local context.

What advice would you give to any new students?

Don't worry, if God has called you to this programme, then he is going to help you through. With the support of the staff and God, you will come out at the end of your training able to serve the church. And buy the book How to write a theological essay!

About Geoff

Geoff is a Licensed Lay Minister in Chelmsford Diocese, after completing his training at St Mellitus College. Above he shares a little of his story, and the impact his training has had.

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