Becca Menzies

Becca's Challenge

I like the fact that the college prioritises worshipping together, as well as the value of generous orthodoxy

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Becca, I’ve been a Christian since childhood, and I studied maths and science mainly through college and university. I’m part of a Vineyard Church in Nottingham and I’m currently working for a local technology company.   

What drew you to study at St Mellitus College? 

A couple of friends had studied with St Mellitus so from them I understood it would be a good culture fit for me. I like the fact that the college prioritises worshipping together, as well as the value of generous orthodoxy. The college also has a reputation for a very high quality of teaching.   

How would you describe the culture at St Mellitus College? 

The culture is very inclusive, friendly, kind, and fun – there’s also lots of opportunity to discuss the theology topics you’re studying.   

What difference have your studies at St Mellitus College had on your life and faith? 

The learning has broadened my understanding of the bible and of church history. Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week at the moment, and I think the uplifting nature of the college environment has a positive effect on my spirituality for the rest of the week. It has been helpful to be led to read what theologians have written about concepts I have been considering in my own faith and journey with God.    

What tips or advice would you give a prospective student thinking of studying here? 

Plan your time well and create a schedule for when you will study around everything else in life.   

What have you enjoyed the most about studying at St Mellitus College? 

I think I have enjoyed the challenge of learning Greek the most! (And the opportunity this presents to look at NT scripture in the original Greek.) 

In Three words describe your time at St Mellitus College?

Encouraging, Challenging, Spirit-led

About Becca

Becca is an Independent Undergraduate studying at St Mellitus College, East Midlands

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